Rare Historical Photos Of Old Rochester, NY From 20th Century

Rochester is the third-largest city in the New York state, founded shortly after the American Revolution. It was initially named “Rochesterville” by Col. Nathaniel Rochester. After the American Civil War, the population of the city grew from 48,000 to 162,800 at the end of the 19th century. The turn of the 20th century made Rochester a centre of the garment industry, particularly men’s fashions, numerous flour mills and manufacturing hubs were built. In 1916 the city was extended in a strip along both banks of the Genesee to Lake Ontario. In 1920s Rochester purchased the abandoned Erie Canal lands inside city limits to use them as a heavy rail mass transit and freight system.

Here below are some rare historical photos of old Rochester, NY from the early 20th century, that show streets, roads, landmarks and everyday life.

#10 Earl Babcock’s school day begins with the salute to the flag, Rochester, New York, September 1942

#16 Shirley Babcock at right in the front listening to a lecture with other student nurses, Rochester, N.Y, September 1942

#20 Earl and Howard Babcock looking over one of the model airplanes which Howard built, New York, September 1942

#22 Mrs. Babcock doing the family laundry with an electric washing machine and a wringer, New York, September 1942

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