What Norfolk looked like in the 1980s

The 1980s were a time of economic growth and cultural change for the city of Norfolk, Virginia. The city’s economy continued to be fueled by its port and shipping industries, and many new businesses and industries were established in the area. The city’s population also increased, as people from different backgrounds and regions moved to Norfolk in search of work and opportunity.

One of the most significant events of the 1980s in Norfolk was the establishment of the Norfolk Southern Corporation. In 1980, the Southern Railway and the Norfolk and Western Railway merged to form the Norfolk Southern Corporation, which became one of the largest railroads in the United States. The new company had its headquarters in Norfolk, and it quickly became a major economic force in the city.

The 1980s were also a time of cultural change in Norfolk. The city’s arts and entertainment scene continued to flourish, and many talented artists and performers called Norfolk home. The city also became more politically active, as residents became involved in a variety of social and political issues.

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