What Norfolk looked like in the 1950s Through these Fascinating Photos

The 1950s were a time of growth and prosperity for the city of Norfolk, Virginia, as the city’s economy rebounded from the challenges of the Great Depression and World War II. Norfolk’s port and shipping industries continued to be a major source of economic activity, and the city’s manufacturing and retail sectors also experienced significant growth. Many new businesses and industries were established in Norfolk during this decade, and the city’s population increased as people moved to the area in search of work and opportunity.

In addition to its economic growth, the 1950s were also a time of cultural change and development in Norfolk. The city’s population became more diverse, as people from different backgrounds and regions moved to the area. This influx of new residents brought with it a variety of new ideas, customs, and traditions, and the city became more vibrant and cosmopolitan.

The arts and entertainment scene in Norfolk also flourished during the 1950s, with a growing number of theaters, music halls, and other venues for performance and entertainment. Many talented artists and performers called Norfolk home, and the city became known for its vibrant and dynamic cultural life.

#2 Granby St. at College Place, Grant’s Dept Store, 1950s

#3 St Pauls between Olnet & Lewis. Backyards Young Park, 1950s

#13 Looking North at Docks & Waterfront Freemason Area, 1952

#24 Aerial view looking North of entire city to Ocean View, 1958

#28 Looking South down Bute Street at Freemason District, 1959

#38 Redevelopment..Slum Conditions.Looking South, 1952

#43 View looking North up Monticello Avenue from City Hall Avenue, 1956

#45 Downtown North (R-8)…Brambleton Avenue (After). Photograph shows newly widened Brambleton Avenue and surroundind redeveloped area, 1958

#47 Downtown North (R-8)..Friedman Hardware & Paint Co., 1958

#51 View looking South at Downtown Norfolk. Young Terrace & Tidewater Gardens in foreground, 1958

#52 Bank Street Baptist Church. 501 Bank Street, 1958

#53 Corner of Charlotte Street & Monticello Avenue, 1950s

#59 View looking West at Downtown Norfolk. Financial District on left.17 acres site center.Norfolk Scopr upper right, 1950s

#61 Looking North to Commercial Place from Waterfront, 1959

#62 Downtown South (R-9). Looking South to Waterfront, 1953

#63 Downtown South (R-9)..Slum Conditions and Civic Center Site, 1957

#65 East Main Street. View of Corner of Main Street and Chapel Street, 1958

#68 604 East Main Street.Looking West.from North Side of Street.Drop in Sidewalk is Metcalf Lane, 1958

#73 Main Street. Commercial Place.Confederate Monument, 1958

#107 View of Federal Office Building. Site of Monticello Hotel, Norfolk, 1950s

#123 Aerial View looking South before construction, 1950

#126 New construction looking South from Princess Anne Road, 1950s

#129 View looking North.Ghent.East Ghent South, 1950s

#132 Slum Conditions. Lodge between Howard & St Pauls, 1950s

#136 Taken from house #622 on Nicholson Street looking West down Nicholson Street, 1951

#139 Young Park Demolition. Scene showing area being cleared for new Second Precinct Police Station, 1951

#140 Duckworth Property. Slum Conditions. Site of Young Park, 1951

#143 Aerial view of Civic Center site prior to construction, 1958

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