Beautiful Vintage Nail Polish Ads from the 1980s

In the 1980s, many great nail polish designs were introduced to the general public. There was only a small amount of nail polish made back then, mainly made to mimic the look of natural nails without actually using real nails. In the 1980s, acrylic polishes were also believed to be more durable than polishes made from other types of materials. Since nail polish was a bit different back then, all you really need to know is how it was.

Check out these vintage nail polish ads from the 1980s to see what colors and brands were available for a retro DIY manicure.

#5 Nail color that looks wet, even when it’s dry, 1982.

#15 Avon – Look how fast you’re polished now, 1987.

#16 Fashion Fair Color Seduction nail polish and makeup, 1989.

#20 Maybelline Long Wearing nail color and Performance 10, 1989.

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