What Miami looked like in the 1990s Through Fascinating Photos

During the 1990s, Miami developed new businesses and cultural amenities that developed as parts of the New South. After Haitian refugees began arriving in the city in the 1990s, Little Haiti developed as a predominantly Haitian neighborhood. Although Miami had been a refugee haven, its status as a poor city by the 1990s resulted from tremendous financial burdens. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew caused more than $20 billion in damage just south of Miami-Dade.

Miami was the first Florida city to have a state-appointed oversight board appointed after experiencing a budget shortfall of $68 million and being given a junk bond rating by Wall Street. Voters in the city rejected a resolution trying to dissolve it and make it one with Dade County. Miami’s financial problems continued until political outsider Manny Diaz was elected mayor in 2001.

Below are some fascinating photos that will take you back to the 1990s in Miami.

#2 A young woman rollerblading in the slow-moving traffic on Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami, 1990.

#4 The Marlin Hotel and a vintage Cadillac convertible at kerbside on South Beach, Miami, 1990.

#5 The Hotel Webster on Collins Avenue, South Beach, Miami, 1990.

#16 The Chesterfield, Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, 1990s

#19 Looking north to downtown Miami from Brickell Avenue, 1990s

#23 Sunrise on Ocean Drive, featuring Art Deco frontages, on South Beach, 1990.

#24 The entrance to the Colony Hotel on Ocean Drive, with its permanent accessory, Miami, 1990.

#28 Sherbrooke Hotel, Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, 1990s

#36 An abandoned van under a banyan tree off Old Cutler Road, Miami, 1990.

#37 Art Deco trompe l’oeil or false windows on a building at Deco Plaza, 5th Street, on South Beach, Miami, 1990.

#38 Alley between Ocean & Collins, Miami Beach, 1990s

#40 MacArthur Causeway, looking toward Miami Beach, 1990s

#41 Atlantis Brickell Condominium, Brickell Avenue, Miami, 1990s

#46 Looking north from Brickell Avenue (at Tamiami Trail), Miami, 1990s

#51 Southeast 1st Street, looking east, Downtown Miami, 1990s

#52 Flagler Street looking east, downtown Miami, 1990s

#55 The Crescent apartment building, designed by Henry Hohauser, on Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami, 1990.

#58 Automobiles Outside Artistically Decorated Restaurant, 1992.

#60 Exterior view of the Hyat Hotel Coral Gables on May 25, 1992

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