Stunning Nostalgic Photos of SunFest Festival at West Palm Beach From 1980s and 1990s

SunFest is Florida’s largest waterfront music and art festival. Held annually in downtown West Palm Beach, it attracts thousands of visitors and has a positive impact on the local economy. The festival was first held in 1982. The main attractions of this festival are the three stages featuring live music with a diverse array of musical styles.

Here below are some stunning nostalgic photos of SunFest from 1987 to 1992 by Steven Martin.

#28 Girl was sitting by the waterfront during the annual festival in West Palm Beach in the midst of the crowds, 1990

#29 People take a break at the Lake Worth seawall during F, with Phillips Point buildings in the background, 1990

#33 Three young women taking a break at the festival at the West Palm Beach waterfront on a warm day, 1992

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