A Glimpse into the Lives of Melbourne's Children in the 1940s-50s

During the 1940s and 1950s, Melbourne, Australia, was home to a growing population of children, many of whom lived in the city and its surrounding suburbs. In this period, photography was becoming more accessible to the average person, and many families sought to capture memories of their children through portraits, snapshots, and other photos. These images provide a glimpse into the everyday life of Australian children, depicting them at play, school, home, and outings with their families.

At the time, Melbourne was a bustling city with a thriving cultural scene, and its children had a variety of activities to choose from, including playing at the park, attending movies, and going to the beach. They dressed in a mix of hand-me-downs, store-bought clothes, and handmade items, and their hairstyles varied from shortcuts to pigtails and braids.

While the images show a certain level of innocence and simplicity, they also reveal the constraints of the era,
particularly with regard to gender roles and expectations for children. Girls were often portrayed in more passive roles, dressed in frilly frocks and posed for the camera, while boys were shown participating in more active pursuits like sports and exploration.

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