Fascinating Photos Show What Manchester Looked Like in the 1960s

In the 1960s Manchester was going through a hard time as the local economy was struggling due to high unemployment rates. Manchester lost 150,000 jobs in manufacturing between 1961 and 1983. Cotton processing, trading, and Heavy industry were also suffering a huge downturn. The Royal Exchange also ceased trading in 1968. The population also declined during that time. At the beginning of the 1960s, the population of Manchester was 662,000, and by 1971 it was around 544,000.

Many buildings, skyscrapers, housing schemes were built in the 1960s, old and overcrowded housing was cleared to make a way for high-rise blocks of flats. The city-center also saw major re-development, with developments such as the Manchester Arndale. In 1962 the CIS Tower became the tallest office block in the UK, and in 1965 Piccadilly Plaza complex opened.

Here below are some stunning photos from the 1960s that show what Manchester looked like in the 1960s. These photographs show streets, roads, landmarks, buildings, and everyday life.

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