Austria in the 1900s: Stunning Historical Photos Show Austria Before the World War I

Manchester 1960sAt the turn of the 20th century, Austria-Hungary was growing rapid economic growth averaged to nearly 10% a year. It was the period of rapid industrialization; the majority of the rural population moved to the cities and became workers in new factories. However, the political situation was not straightforward and ideal for the future due to the decades of conflicts between monarchies and kings. The universal male suffrage introduced in 1907 changed the balance of power, formally tilted towards German Austrians, and revealed that they were now a minority in a predominantly Slavic empire. The 1911 elections elected a parliament that would carry Austria through the Great War and the end of the Empire in 1918.

The war with Serbia was inevitable according to the Austrian diplomats after the Bosnian crisis of 1908. the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparked the conflict and Austria declared war against Serbia which marked the beginning of World War I.

Here below are some stunning historical photos that show Austria in the 1900s.

#1 The dancer Grete Wiesenthal with her sisters Elsa Wiesenthal and Berta Wiesenthal in Lanner-Schubert-waltz, 1908.

#5 The Emperor Franz Joseph I, hunting in Salzburg, Austria, 1900.

#7 The construction of the bridge Marienbrücke (1905-1906) in Austria.

#8 The birthplace of Gustav Klimt in Vienna. Austria, 1900.

#9 Entrance to the bar room of the Cabaret Fledermaus. Kaerntnerstrasse 33, Vienna, 1st district, 1907.

#10 Opening of the Tauern railway between Schwarzach-St. Veit and Bad Gastein, 1904.

#13 Bathers having fun in the water at the Danube in Vienna, 1909.

#14 Inside the restaurant “Zum Kurfuersten” at Althahnstraße. The smallest tavern in Vienna with only 5 tables, 1900.

#16 Hat and shoe store of Joseph Geiger in Vienna, 1905.

#17 Group portrait of the artists of the Viennese Secession. Gustav Klimt in his pinafore and Kolo Moser sitting in front of Klimt. Austria, 1902.

#18 The Wiener Graben and the Pestsaeule (Black Death column). Austria, 1900.

#19 Grou pportrait of Staff and Guests of Cafe Wien. Austria, 1904.

#20 A horse-drawn tram in Stephansplatz, Vienna, 1904.

#21 Marching-band form Kitzbuehel, wearing traditional Tyrolian costumes in Austria, 1905.

#23 Gustav Klimt with his friends on the landing stage of the villa Paulick in Seewalchen at the Attersee lake, next to him Emilie Floege, 1907.

#24 Gustav Klimt, Emilie Floege and her mother Barbara with friends in the garden of the Oleander villa in Kammer at the Attersee lake. Austria, 1908.

#26 St. Stephan’s square with Red tower Street (Rotenturmstrasse), 1900.

#28 Steam trains arriving at Wien Westbahnhof railway station. Austria, 1905.

#29 Outside view of Grand Cafe Zwerina in Vienna. Austria, 1900.

#30 Austrian architects, Otto Wagner, Josef Hoffmann Otto Prutscher and Kolo Moser in front of Vienna coffee house, 1903.

#31 Austrian dasncer Grete Wiesenthal in the Lanner, Vienna, 1908.

#32 The new and the old Laimgrubenkirche in Mariahilf, 1907.

#34 Archduke Albrecht palace and the Albrecht fountain, 1907.

#35 The back side of the parliament and the Town Hall in Vienna, 1905.

#36 King Edward VII and Queen Mary on holiday in the Austro-Hungarian Spa town of Marienbad, 1905.

#37 Delicatessen salesmen with his employees in front of his delicatessen shop entitled “Zur goldenen Krone” in Vienna, 1900.

#47 Hotel Weisses Rössl, St. Wolfgang, Upper Austria, 1900s.

#49 Mother and daughter on mountaintop, Austria, 1900s.

#54 Street Vendors below Josef’s Fountain, Vienna, 1900s.

#57 Governesses and Children in a park in Vienna, Austria, 1900.

#58 The blacksmith’s forge at Gosau, Salzkammergut. Austria, 1900s

#60 Waiting people in front of a lottery outlet in Austria, 1901.

#61 A mother with her baby out for a walk in Vienna, 1900.

#63 A florist with customers in Kärntnerstrasse, 1900.

#66 Triumphal arch at the Maria Theresa Street, Innsbruck, 1909.

#68 The last stretch of the Herkomer competition at the foot of the dreaded Zirler mountain’ near Innsbruck, 1906.

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