What Madison looked like in the 1980s Through Fascinating Photos

Madison is the capital and second-largest city in Wisconsin by population. Founded by a former federal judge and land speculator James Duane Doty in 1836, it is named after late president James Madison, who died that summer. After Wisconsin became a state in 1848, Leonard J. Farwell, a wealthy businessman from Milwaukee, was instrumental in getting industries located in Milwaukee about 1850. After Wisconsin became a state, Madison became a city with a population of 6,864. The first settlers were Yankees from the east. Germans, Irish, and Norwegians followed them. Around the turn of the 20th century, Italians, Greeks, Jews, and African Americans arrived. The railroad arrived in 1854, and the city developed steadily.

The city of Madison is the trade center of a large agricultural area (dairy products, corn, soybeans, tobacco, and livestock). Food processing is a significant industry in Madison, which is home to Oscar Mayer Foods Corp. This city is known for its lakeshores, bicycle paths, and large parks, including Henry Vilas Park with its city zoo.

#5 Madison, WI, May 1987

Madison, WI, May 1987

    • Downtown, there were no restrictions on billboards, but an ordinance was passed that prohibited new billboards in the city. As a result, they have slowly disappeared due to attrition and redevelopment and are mainly confined to the Beltline. Regent S

#6 Fairchild Street, looking to State Street, Madison Spring, 1980s

Fairchild Street, looking to State Street, Madison Spring, 1980s

  1. The image shows what the block now occupied by Overture looked like before Overture. State Street/Fairchild corner lobby entrance is located in the awkward building on the corner. A salvaged chunk of the facade was taken from this building. A piece

#33 Park Street, University of Wisconsin, Madison–Fall 1985

Park Street, University of Wisconsin, Madison--Fall 1985

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