Paola Borboni: Life Story and Gorgeous Photos of the Greatest Italian Stage Actress

Paola Borboni was an Italian theatre and film actress who worked in the industry for nine decades. Borboni made her stage debut in 1916 and quickly moved on to lesser film appearances. She worked in the theatre for most of her long career, sharing the stage with notable actors such as Armando Falconi, Ruggero Ruggeri, A. De Sanctis, and Emma Gramatica.

Pola Borboni made her film debut in 1916 with a silent film, Jacobo Ortis, directed by Giuseppe Sterni. She appeared in nearly 80 films during her career, which spanned nine decades. Before 1921, she appeared in several silent films before disappearing from the screen for 14 years, during which time she made several theatrical appearances. She rose to prominence in 1925 when she performed as a mermaid in a theatre production of Carlo Veneziani’s Alga Marina. In the Mario Mattoli film L’ Uomo che sorride, she made a comeback in 1936.

Borboni died of a stroke on April 9, 1995, at the age of 95. Below are some glamorous photos of the legendry Italian actresses from her early life and career. She has autographed several of these images for her fans.

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