Stunning Photos of Hong Kong in 1975 that Captured Street Scenes and Everyday Life

Canadian traveler and photographer Blake Smith took these stunning photos of Hong Kong when he visited in December 1975. These Photographs show street scenes, landmarks, markets, and everyday life of Hong Kong in vibrant colors.

Queen Elizabeth made her first visit to Hong Kong in 1975. As the British jurisdiction over the leased areas of the New Territories neared its expiration date in 1997, concerns about Hong Kong’s future grew. However, the Chinese government has always maintained that the entire territory of Hong Kong is Chinese territory, which made the earlier Hong Kong–British agreements part of unequal treaties and required resolution as well. The two governments began corresponding in March 1979, but formal negotiations were not started until September 1982, when the British prime minister visited Beijing.

#25 Ferry docked at Cheung Chau (Dumbbell Island), Hong Kong

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