The End Of Meiji Period: Stunning Historical Photos Capturing Biggest Era Of Change In Japan

The Meiji period is a golden era for Japan when the era ended; Japan had high centralized bureaucratic government, a well-established industrial sector, a powerful army, effective communication and transportation system. The first railroad was also constructed in the Meiji period and by the end of the 19th century, Japan had more than 1500 miles of rail. Japan had regained complete control of its foreign trade which was limited by western powers. The government also introduced a national educational system and hired teachers and experts from Europe and America to educate Japanese youth. Thousands of students were also sent abroad to learn modern science and technology.

These historical photographs depict the final years of the Meiji period. Arnold Genthe captured these photographs during his six-month trip to Japan in 1908. He was born and educated in Germany, Genthe moved to San Francisco in 1895 to work as a tutor. He also photographed the Chinatown of San Francisco.

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