Beautiful Photos of Debbie Harry and Chris Stein during their Romantic Relationship

Chris Stein was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Jewish parents. As a child, he grew up in Midwood, Brooklyn. He attended Midwood High School but was expelled for wearing long hair.

Stein was romantic with Debbie Harry, the band’s lead vocalist, while in Blondie. They separated in 1989 but have continued to work together professionally since then. Stein was diagnosed with pemphigus Vulgaris, an autoimmune disease of the skin, in 1983. The former couple’s then-partner, Debbie Harry, took care of him, and he has since regained normal function. Stein had a mild form of the disease, which he could treat with steroids.

Stein married the actress Barbara Sicuranza in 1999, and they have two daughters, Akira and Valentina.

These photos capture beautiful moments of Chris Stein and Debbie Harry during the 70s and 80s.

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