Debbie Harry Wearing Andy Warhol’s Bad T-Shirt, 1979

Debbie Harry wore this t-shirt while posing for a photoshoot at the Old Street Studio in London back in 1979 and performing on stage wearing it. In 1977, Andy Warhol produced his last comedy film, ‘Bad,’ before his death ten years later. Debbie Harry is known for her effortless thrift-store style tees, and this “Andy Warhol’s Bad” piece is easily one of her most iconic. Warhol and Harry were more than just the swirling letters of a t-shirt.

I bumped into Andy on Broadway and 13th street and said hello, and we chatted about everything. I suppose this is how we met, and our friendship grew from there. He was very softly spoken and used a funny Polaroid portrait camera. Andy was part of our legacy and our future.”

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