A Visual Tour of America’s Late 19th Century Hotels

Hotels during the mid and late 19th Century were often grand and opulent, showcasing the wealth and splendor of the Gilded Age. Many hotels were built in the Victorian style, with elaborate ornamentation, high ceilings, and lavish furnishings. These architectural marvels were designed to impress, and they often became the focal point of the cities and towns in which they were located.

During this period, hotels started to adopt modern amenities that we now take for granted. Innovations like the telegraph, gas lighting, and indoor plumbing began to make their way into American hotels, providing guests with an unprecedented level of comfort and convenience. Elevators, known as “lifting rooms” at the time, also started to appear in some of the larger hotels, making it easier for guests to navigate the often-massive buildings. Hotel lobbies, often referred to as “parlors” during this era, were grand and luxurious spaces where guests could gather, converse, and relax. With plush seating, elegant decor, and live music, hotel lobbies were the heart of the hotel experience, fostering a sense of community among guests.

Dining was also a significant part of the hotel experience during this period. Many hotels featured large and ornate dining rooms, where guests could enjoy elaborate meals prepared by skilled chefs. With an emphasis on fine dining and impeccable service, these hotel dining rooms became the place to see and be seen, attracting both locals and travelers alike.

The role of hotels in American society during this time was multifaceted. In addition to providing accommodations for travelers, they also served as gathering places for local communities, hosting events like balls, concerts, and political gatherings. In this way, hotels became important centers of social and cultural life.

Lastly, let’s touch on the role of hotels in the development of the American West. As the country expanded westward, hotels often acted as outposts for pioneers, providing much-needed shelter and services for those venturing into the unknown. These frontier hotels were often simpler and more rustic than their Eastern counterparts, but they played a crucial role in the expansion and development of the United States.

Here are some fascinating historical photos of some famous hotels from the 1860s to 1890s.

#14 Men playing billiards in Baldwin Hotel, San Francisco, CA, 1870s

#15 Music Room of Ponce-de-Leon Hotel, Florida, 1870s

#16 Palace Hotel Courtyard, San Francisco, CA, 1870s.

#19 Reading Room of United States Hotel, Saratoga, NYC, 1870s

#28 Dining Room of Baldwin Hotel, San Francisco, CA, 1880s

#30 Dining Room of Ponce de Leon Hotel, Florida, 1880s

#40 Music Room of Hotel del Coronado, California, 1890s

#41 Baldwin Hotel burning San Francisco, November 23, 1898

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