Stepping Back into the ’90s: Teen Bedrooms as Time Capsules

The 1990s, A time of grunge music, dial-up internet, and butterfly clips. For teenagers, it was a time of self-discovery, rebellion, and figuring out who you were. And where did all this take place? The bedroom. Photographer Adrienne Salinger understood this. She spent two years traveling the West Coast, capturing the unique worlds teenagers created within their four walls.

Salinger wasn’t just interested in snapping pictures. She wanted to understand the stories behind the posters, the clutter, the carefully chosen decorations. Each bedroom became a time capsule, revealing the dreams, fears, and passions of its inhabitant.  A Nirvana poster screamed teenage angst, while a collection of teddy bears hinted at a softer side. Religious icons offered comfort, and sports trophies showcased dedication and pride.

These photos weren’t just about things, though. They were about the teenagers themselves. Salinger talked with each one, learning about their lives and experiences. Their stories were raw and real, far from the picture-perfect families on TV shows. Some faced tough challenges like drug use, teen pregnancy, or abuse. Others grappled with racism and loss. But within their bedrooms, they found a space to be themselves, away from the pressures and judgments of the outside world

One photo shows a girl surrounded by stuffed animals, her walls covered in drawings and brightly colored pictures. In another, a boy sits on his bed, headphones on, lost in the world of music. A different image reveals a room plastered with magazine cutouts of athletes and celebrities, aspirations and dreams evident on every inch of the wall.

These bedrooms weren’t always tidy or organized. Clothes might be strewn across the floor, and books piled haphazardly on desks. But this messiness wasn’t just laziness. They are sanctuaries, creative spaces, and reflections of the journey from childhood to adulthood.

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