Vintage Photos Show the Staff at a London Westminster Bank, 1960

Westminster Bank, a well-known name in British banking, had been around since the mid-1800s. By the 1960s, it was a pillar of the financial world, its branches serving communities across the country. Stepping into Westminster Bank in 1960s London, you could find a bustling scene. The tellers, mostly men in those days, smartly dressed in suits and ties, efficiently handling transactions behind polished counters. Women, often in tailored dresses or skirts and blouses, were busy with various clerical tasks, ensuring the smooth running of the branch.

The atmosphere was one of professionalism and efficiency, yet perhaps with a touch of personal connection that has become less common in today’s digital banking world. Customers, from local shopkeepers to well-to-do businessmen, were greeted by name and with a courteous smile. The staff would know their regular customers well, understanding their financial needs and offering personalized service.

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