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Vintage Filling Station Photos Offer a Glimpse into the Automotive Past

In the 1920s, the concept of filling stations began to evolve significantly. This period marked the transition from simple curbside gasoline pumps to more dedicated service stations. The proliferation of automobiles necessitated a more structured approach to fuel distribution. Early filling stations were often no more than a pump at a general store or a dedicated roadside kiosk, reflecting the infancy of automobile culture.

The 1930s saw a transformation in the design and architecture of filling stations. As car ownership grew, companies started to invest in more eye-catching designs to attract customers. Art Deco and Streamline Moderne styles became popular, featuring bold geometric shapes and sleek lines. These stations often included amenities like restrooms and small repair shops, offering more than just fuel.

The 1940s were significantly impacted by World War II. Filling stations faced gasoline rationing and other resource limitations. This period didn’t see much in the way of development or architectural innovation in service stations due to the war effort and its economic constraints. However, the post-war period marked a resurgence in automobile travel and, consequently, the growth of service stations.

The 1950s marked a period of expansion and standardization for filling stations. The post-war economic boom led to increased automobile ownership and interstate travel. Major oil companies began standardizing their station designs for brand recognition. This era saw the introduction of more uniformed service, cleaner facilities, and the widespread adoption of self-service options.

By the 1960s, filling stations were beginning to transition into the modern service stations we recognize today. The emphasis shifted towards convenience, with stations increasingly offering a variety of services such as car washes, convenience stores, and fast food outlets.

#1 Fashionable lady with a 1928 Auburn 8-115 Phaeton Sedan at a petrol station in Germany, circa 1928.

#2 Group posing with a Talbot DS 15/40 in rural Austria, circa 1920s.

#3 Three people with an Essex Super Six at a Shell filling station, Munich, circa 1930s.

#4 Man in pinstripe suit with a BMW 320 Limousine 2 Türen in Thuringia, circa 1930s.

#5 Lady in a suit with a DKW Meisterklasse Typ F7–700, 1940s

#6 Shell petrol station with an Opel Olympia, Germany, late 1930s.

#7 Open-topped Opel 1,2 Liter Cabrio-Limousine at a Leuna station, circa 1930s.

#8 Opel refueling at Shell station, Grossglockner High Alpine Road, circa 1930s.

#9 Two men with an Audi Front 225 Cabriolet, formerly Bavarian Palatinate, circa 1930s.

#10 1930 Packard Standard Eight Convertible Coupe at a Shell station, December 4, 1934.

#12 Young ladies on a 1936 Packard 120 Touring Sedan, Illinois, circa 1936.

#13 Man with a 1946-48 Chrysler, Hallands län, Sweden, circa 1940s.

#14 Couple with a 1935 Ford Phaeton in Pennsylvania, 1941.

#15 Couple with a 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe, Italy, circa 1949.

#16 People with an Opel Kadett, Syke, Lower Saxony, September 4, 1949.

#17 1952 Studebaker Starliner at a Mobiloil station, circa 1950s.

#18 Couple refueling a Simca Vedette, Hamburg, circa 1950s.

#19 Ford Taunus 12 M at an Esso station in St. Moritz, circa 1950s.

#20 Lady in a Dirndl with a Ford Taunus 17 M De Luxe, circa 1950s.

#21 Lady with a Ford Taunus 12 M, Austrian Alps, circa 1960s.

#22 Mercedes-Benz 300 SE Cabriolet in Böblingen, circa 1960s.

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