Faces of Steenbergen: The Expressive Studio Portraits of Van Mechelen from the 1970s

These fascinating portraits Dutch from the 1970s were captured by photographer Van Mechelen offer a glimpse into the lives and styles of people in the area of Steenbergen, Netherlands. These portraits capture a moment in time, showcasing the fashion, hairstyles, and expressions of those who visited his studio.

Van Mechelen’s portraits are notable for their simplicity and elegance. The subjects are often posed in front of a plain background, allowing the viewer to focus on the individual rather than any distracting elements. The lighting is also carefully considered, with soft, even illumination that brings out the details of the subject’s features.

The 1970s were a period of significant cultural change, and this is reflected in the clothing and hairstyles of Van Mechelen’s subjects. From flared trousers to oversized collars, the fashion of the era was bold and distinctive, and many of the people in these portraits wear it with confidence. Van Mechelen’s subjects are also incredibly expressive, with a range of emotions captured in each photograph. From solemn expressions to big, toothy grins, these portraits offer a window into the inner lives of those who sat for them.

Whether you’re a fan of vintage photography or simply interested in the history of fashion, these portraits are well worth a closer look.

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