Toni Frissell Photography: Magnificent Pictures Captured By One Of The Influential Female Photographer Of The 20th Century

On the lists of great photographers of the 20th century, the names are usually male, Guy Bourdin, Addison Scurlock, Philippe Halsman, and  Norman Parkinson. There are exceptions such as Arbus, Vivian Maier, Nina Leen? Some of these artists are not admired for their work or they are considered as portrait photographer or fashion photographer.

Another great name in the field of photography is Toni Frissell, whose work crossed genres from war, fashion, photo-journalism and sports. During her career Frizzell photographed some of the famous personalities of the 20th century such as Kennedys, Churchill, Elizabeth Taylor, Frida Kahlo and many more. She produced over 300,000 photographs for famous publications such as vogue Harper’s Bazaar, and Life.

Frissell learned photography from her brother, Varick, who was a documentarian and filmmaker. During the World War II, she served as the official photographer for the Women’s Army Corps and he American Red Cross. She travelled along with soldiers and documented the lives of civilians affected by the war. After the war, Frissell returned to fashion photography and then became a portrait photographer. In 1971, she donated her collection of 340,000 photographs to the Library of Congress.

#3 Lisa Fonssagrives, Paddington Station, London, 1951.

#5 John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier on their wedding day, 1953.

#6 Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy on her wedding day, 1953.

#8 Fashion model underwater in dolphin tank Marineland, Florida.

#9 Winston Churchill, full-length portrait, seated, facing front, with his son and grandson standing behind him, wearing coronation robes.

#12 Elizabeth Taylor bottle-feeding newborn Liza Todd with her sons Christopher and Michael H. Wilding, and her husband Michael Todd observing, 1957.

#13 Señora Maria Vial de Prieto petting gaucho’s horse ‘Prique’ in a wheat field in Chile.

#14 Tuskegee Airmen 332nd Fighter Group pilots during the Second World War.

#18 Model wearing a Surreal-inspired yellow beaver pillbox, Vogue, 1939.

#19 William Averell Harriman standing on the ski slopes in Sun Valley, Idaho.

#20 Horses hitched to a sleigh, at the Mont Tremblant ski resort, in Quebec, Canada. Vogue 1940.

#21 Actress Claudette Colbert and Ronald Balcom standing with skis on the slopes in Sun Valley, Idaho. Vogue 1940.

#22 Mrs. Allan A. Ryan Jr., aka Eleanor Barry, leaning over the balcony railing of a chalet in Sun Valley, Idaho.

#23 Model, in a dark bra top in a looped crochet and dark knit shorts with ruffled edges, Vogue 1938.

#24 Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. Cushing, Mrs. Phipps, and Mrs. Stevens holding parasols and standing with their feet in water at the beach, in Newport, Rhode Island.

#25 Two models wearing sport ensembles for riding, Vogue 1934.

#26 Actress Ingrid Bergman, leaning against a tree in front of a house, Vogue 1941.

#27 Zorina, prima ballerina with the George Balanchine Company, Vogue 1937.

#28 A girl swimming underwater with dolphins in a water arena, 1939.

#29 Model, wearing a filmy, white organdy dress, 1938.

#30 Model in lime green suit in rayon crepe with tiny jet buttons, Glamour 1944.

#31 Model standing in white dress, with two American flags, 1942.

#32 American philanthropists and art collectors Paul Mellon and Rachel ‘Bunny’ Lambert Mellon lounging with one of their children, 1963.

#33 Two models sitting on grassy sand dunes with the ocean in distance, 1937.

#34 Farmer’s aide, from the Women’s Land Army, driving a cultivator over a field.

#36 Mrs. Francis McNeil Bacon III, doing yoga on a beach.

#38 Model wearing red beaver felt hat with broad feather, Vogue 1939.

#39 Three models looking out the back window of a car, Vogue 1941.

#40 Women’s Land Army bottle-feed baby lambs in front of a barn.

#42 Charlotte Haxall Noland, founder of Foxcroft boarding school for girls, 1958.

#43 Model wearing a short-sleeved white rayon dress and a straw hat with a dented crown, Vogue 1934.

#44 A fashion mode in one-piece girdle, knit with Lastex, by Vassarette, 1938.

#47 Mrs. Warren Leslie Jr. and Mrs. George G. Bourne lounging in their swimsuits at the River Club.

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