Where Is Youth Heading: Vintage Photos of Teenagers of Sydney in the 1940s

These stunning vintage photos are featured in the July 6, 1946, issue of PIX magazine in Australia. They were taken by Ray Olson and depict an article titled “Where Is Youth Heading?” The article reflects on the future of Australia a year after the end of World War Two.

We are the fortunate people of the earth. The future is ours. We are strong in the midst of our unharmed land, while great countries of the world still reel from the crash of war, the cruelty, partings and heartbreaks heaped upon their privations. Evan as they erase their heads in first relief from tyranny there is little faith and little hope in the eyes of our fellow-men. For them, wrecked homes, scorched fields, and yet more hunger lead from reeking war into restless peace. For us, war was a black cloud, but never a deluge. It lifts, and there lies before us our Australia with everything at hand for peace and plenty if we have the spirit, the will, the energy to use it. We should indeed be humbly proud, and very grateful. The future is ours. Nothing stands in our way – but ourselves.

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