Spectacular Photos Show Life in Soviet Union From The 1950s in Vibrant Colors

These fascinating nostalgic photographs show everyday life in the Soviet Union. Despite the threat of nuclear annihilation, political issues, looming cold war, and other difficulties of life, these photos capture happiness, peace, moments in time so fleeting that they’re gone as quickly as they arrive.

Semyon Osipovich Friedland captured these photographs in the 1950s. He was a soviet photographer from Kyiv. Friedland began his career as a journalist but then left the profession because of the censorship. In 1932 he graduated from the photography department of the State Institute of Cinematography. In 1950 Friedland worked as an editor-in-chief for the photography department of the famous “Ogonyok” (Russian: Огонёк, lit. “little flame”), which is one of the oldest weekly illustrated magazines in USSR and is published even today in Russia.

#11 River port in Kazan (on the left) / Kiev (on the right)

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