Fascinating Vintage Photos of San Francisco’s Street Scenes in the 1940s

World War II transformed San Francisco, with its ports and shipyards becoming vital to the military effort. The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond were hubs of labor and innovation, changing the city’s industrial scene. The war effort brought a wave of people to the city seeking jobs, creating a dynamic but stretched urban environment.

Architectural Developments

Despite the war’s focus, the 1940s did see developments in San Francisco’s architectural landscape. The need for housing for the growing workforce led to new residential areas and the adaptation of existing buildings. This period also sowed the seeds for the mid-century modern architectural movement that would define later decades.

Strengthening Infrastructure

To meet the demands of the war and the city’s expanding population, San Francisco upgraded its infrastructure. Following the completion of major bridges in the late 1930s, the 1940s saw enhancements to public transit and roads to support both military and civilian needs, setting the stage for future urban and suburban development.

Daily Life and Social Change

Life in San Francisco during the 1940s was characterized by unity against a backdrop of war, with community efforts like war bond drives alongside challenges such as rationing and housing shortages. The war also reshaped the workforce, with women taking on traditionally male roles, and contributed to the city’s growing diversity, especially with the influx of African Americans from the South. This diversity enriched the city’s culture but also highlighted existing racial tensions.

The end of World War II marked a period of adjustment for San Francisco. The return of servicemen and the implementation of the GI Bill fueled economic growth and the expansion of the middle class. The cultural landscape of the city also saw a renaissance, with a vibrant scene of jazz, theater, and art emerging in the post-war optimism.

#3 Anixter Distributing Company on Lombard Street, 1941

#4 Christmas concert at Union Square with John Charles Thomas and the Municipal Band, 1946

#9 Harrison Street looking toward Fifth Street from Sixth, 1944

#11 Spectators watching work crew mixing cement at Post and Kearny streets, 1940

#15 San Francisco inspection group tour Fort McDowell and Hospital Cove on Angel Island, 1948

#16 Sacramento Street looking downtown from Presidio Avenue, 1944

#21 Lombard Street from Fillmore during widening project, 1942

#23 Ordnance and Optical Shop Building at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, 1949

#26 Temporary Barracks in the Civic Center Plaza, 1940s

#32 Bataan prisoners of war welcomed at City Hall ceremonies, 1945

#33 Joan Magnusson near a broken railing along Twin Peaks Boulevard, 1947

#36 “Spring Comes to Maiden Lane” festival crowds, 1946

#37 Preparations for a war bond drive on Post Street, 1943

#38 Crowd outside St. Mary’s Church for Good Friday services, 1944

#44 Ordnance and Electronics Building at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, 1948

#45 Skyline of San Francisco’s Corona Heights from Douglass, 1940s

#46 Officers in the communication room at Old Hall of Justice, 1933

#48 Montgomery Street in the financial district, 1947

#57 Fire hoses on Angel Island wharf during blaze, 1940

#62 Civic Center district at Larkin & Grove Street, 1945

#67 View of Third Street from overpass to China Basin, 1949

#68 Sailors walking up Geary Street by Union Square Park, 1944

#69 Presidio overlooking the Palace of Fine Arts, 1946

#71 Beach north of Sloat Boulevard, San Francisco, 1942

#72 Skyline of San Francisco from Douglas Street near 28th Street, 1940

#73 Chinese technicians awaiting the S.S. General Gordon to China, 1946

#76 View of Geary at Masonic Street facing southwest, 1948

#77 Building under construction on Telegraph Hill, 1940

#80 Delivery trucks at a produce market in San Francisco, 1944

#83 Burned wreckage of Angel Island Administration Building, 1940

#84 Post Street looking toward Stockton from Powell, 1940

#87 Broadway & Montgomery looking towards Russian Hill, 1944

#88 California Street looking toward the Bay Bridge, 1940s

#89 Cable car construction on Sacramento Street, 1949

#93 Entrance to Union Square Park at Post and Stockton Street, 1947

#94 A. Carlisle & Co. building at 645 Harrison Street, 1948

#95 Identification Bureau in Old Hall of Justice, 1941

#96 Burned administration building on Angel Island, 1940

#97 Intersection of Market, Fourth, Stockton, and Ellis streets, 1947

#102 Blimp over a ship off Pier 34 in San Francisco Bay, 1940s

#104 Tug boat pushing the S.S. Anchorage Victory at a San Francisco pier, 1946

#108 Firemen fighting fire at United Fruit Company Pier at Third and Channel streets, 1943

#112 San Francisco supervisors inspect Fort McDowell boilers room on Angel Island, n.d.

#114 Public Works repair crew at Mission and 4th streets, 1949

#118 Don Gaspar De Portola and group on horses on Maiden Lane, 1948

#120 Steel pedestrian bridge to the Ferry Building, 1942

#126 Press members overlooking Hunters Point from a hilltop, 1945

#127 Crowd outside St. Mary’s Church for Good Friday services, 1940

#128 Broadway between Laguna and Webster Streets, 1947

#129 Commuters leaving the Southern Pacific Depot at Third and Townsend streets, 1940

#130 Intersection of Montgomery and Market Street, 1940s

#131 U.S. Army troops parading toward City Hall, 1945

#132 Produce markets on Washington Street in San Francisco, 1945

#135 Ordnance and Electronics Building at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, 1948

#136 West side of Van Ness Avenue north of Lombard Street, 1940

#137 San Francisco waterfront view with Treasure Island, 1940s

#140 Sacramento Street between Mason and Powell streets, 1928

#143 Ocean Beach and Great Highway from Sutro Heights, 1940s

#146 Geary Boulevard at Broderick Street looking west, 1948

#147 Coast Guard fighting a fire at the San Francisco waterfront, 1944

#148 Produce delivery truck on Washington Street, 1944

#154 Mission Street looking north from 26th Street, 1949

#155 Billboard for Lucky Lager beer on Mission Street, 1945

#156 Exterior of National Dollar Stores on Chestnut Street, 1945

#158 Temporary Barracks in the Civic Center Plaza, 1940s

#159 Armed forces demonstration at Union Square Park, 1949

#164 Cargo Handling School officers at the Naval Supply Center in Oakland, 1948

#165 Work crew on Mission Street between 4th and 5th streets, 1949

#169 Battleships Indiana, Massachusetts, and Alabama arriving in San Francisco, 1946

#171 Japanese-owned store “closing out” sale in Chinatown, 1942

#178 Hunters Point Naval Drydocks, San Francisco, 1944

#179 Civilians visiting the USS Hornet at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, 1945

#180 Produce market deliveries on Washington Street, 1945

#181 No Parking sign on Montgomery looking up from Pine Street, 1949

#182 People in Civic Center Plaza surrounded by Temporary Barracks, 1940s

#185 Aerial view of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, 1946

#188 Crowds at Ocean Beach near the Cliff House, 1943

#190 Looking up Bush Street from Kearny toward Grant, 1944

#193 Men in front of a cable car on California Street, 1940s

#194 Polk Gulch Fiesta at Hyde and Jefferson Street, 1949

#200 Inspection of Angel Island by chairman John C. Brucato and citizens’ committee, 1948

#202 Chinese technicians registering for housing in the Civic Center, 1946

#204 West slope of Bernal Heights looking across the outer Mission District, 1945

#208 Intersection of Powell and Eddy streets at night, 1943

#209 Ten thousand San Franciscans at City Hall for a speech from President Harry Truman, 1948

#211 Streetcar on Mission Street near Daly City, 1948 or 1949

#212 General view of the Welding Shop at U.S. Naval Drydocks, Hunters Point, 1940s

#213 Bank of America branch on Castro and Market Street, 1945

#214 Intersection of Stockton, Ellis, and Market streets, 1943

#216 Outdoor cafeteria at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, 1943

#217 Delivery to a produce market on Washington Street, 1944

#219 Large crane at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, 1947

#221 Martial music at Union Square for a Community Chest and Military fund campaign rally, 1950

#222 Community Music Center faculty and friends, 1940s

#223 Chinese technicians preparing to leave for China at the Civic Center Plaza, 1946

#224 Eleanor’s father’s car in front of their house, 1950

#226 Chinese technicians registering for housing in the Civic Center, 1946

#228 Workers operating a concrete spreader on Mission Street, 1944

#229 Four aircraft carriers at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, 1947

#230 Intentional fire destroying buildings on Angel Island, 1940s

#231 War Chest rally in front of the Stock Exchange on Pine Street, 1944

#232 Owner George working at Eagle Market on Fillmore Street, 1940s

#233 Chinese technicians registering for housing in the Civic Center, 1946

#234 House on Steiner Street that survived the 1906 earthquake, 1940s

#235 Rear Admiral Lynde D. McCormick addressing workers at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, 1949

#236 Ordnance and Optical Shop Building at the naval base on Treasure Island, 1948

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