Historical Photos of People Enjoying Donkey Rides on the Beach from the Early 20th Century

Donkeys and mules work in tourism around the world. Most commonly, they are used for carrying passengers, luggage, or for pulling wagons and carts. In addition, they offer tours with heavy equipment for tourists walking in the bush. Compared to horses, donkeys are calmer and more intelligent, and they are less likely to bolt, while their size makes them easier to ride. The walking speed is similar to what humans do to negotiate tricky terrain with ease.

Many seaside resorts around the world offer donkey rides. Donkeys have been working on beaches in the UK since 1780. In the Victorian era, donkey rides were very popular, but today there are only a few beaches in the UK where donkey rides are available. Donkey ride stands have been in the same families for up to four generations. Some seaside towns have adopted regulations that set out the donkey’s daily work schedule and right to one day off each week. Furthermore, the riders must be at least 13 years old and weigh no more than 125 pounds.

Here below are some fascinating historical photos of people riding donkeys on the Beach from the early 1900s.

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