Adorable Vintage Photos of Children With their Beloved Pets

Pets and children seem to be the perfect match. The responsibility and commitment of your child to learn from a pet can be invaluable. They are a source of comfort and companionship for children. Children are often less anxious and withdrawn when they have an animal companion, no matter their mood. Animals are often the focus of family activities, which help build family bonds. People’s fun but straightforward tasks with their pets, such as walking them or grooming them, make them happy and satisfied.

The University of Western Australia and Telethon Kids Institute conducted a study that showed the benefits of family dogs for children. Data collected from more than 1,600 households suggested that dog ownership impacts children’s emotional growth and well-being. According to the research, children having dogs in the home were 23% less likely to struggle with their emotions and social interactions, 30% less likely to engage in antisocial behavior, 40% less likely to experience difficulties interacting with others, and 34% more likely to exhibit polite behavior, such as sharing.

Below are some adorable photos from Steve Given of children with their beloved pets and animals from the 20th century.

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