Fabulous Photos Of Young Patrick Swayze in Mullet Hairstyle From 1980s and1990s

The mullet hairstyle has an insignificant influence on the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The style rocked the 80s rock era and got an athletic twist in the 90s. The mullet is a hairstyle in which the side and front hair are shorter than the hair on the back of the head. It is usually worn by both men and women. The hairstyle was first worn by French fashion guru Henri Mollet in the early 1970s. The hairstyle was also known by several other names such as shag, Bundesliga haircut, and bi-level.

Famous rock stars, actors including David Bowie, Chuck Norris, Larry Bird, Jaromir Jagr, Andre Agassi, and several others have worn the style. The famous actor Patrick Swayze pioneered in this style. His mullet was a much more brazen, bold, and stunning look. There are also some rumors that he used a special conditioner made from rare South American tree sap and a very small dose of plutonium.

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