Stunning Photos of Liverpool Street Station, London, in the 1980s

These fascinating photos will take you back to the 1980s Liverpool Street station in the north-eastern corner of the City of London. Tim Brown took these photographs. He used to travel on the 149 bus from Stoke Newington to Hackney to work as a train driver. Before Broadgate office development, he would pass the site of the old Liverpool Street station. WH Smith’s branch was once a vital stop for news and magazines before smart phones and remote work, where the old station master’s office was a bistro. He shows the inside of the station.

This station was constructed in 1874 to serve east London, Essex, and East Anglia for the Great Eastern Railway. By November 1875, it was connected to the Metropolitan Railway, the first underground railway in the world. The station roof was designed and built by the Fairburn Engineering Company, which also supplied the roof for the Royal Albert Hall in London. The station was redeveloped in the mid-1980s. In 1986, Broad Street station was demolished, and a new complex of shops, bars, restaurants, and offices called the Broadgate Centre was built.

#5 Liverpool St station footbridge.27 Sept 1980

This shows the back of the departures board looking west.

#30 Liverpool St Station taxi ramp, 1987. MacDonald’s are in the replica of the building that you can see in the right hand corner of this Photo

#71 Harwich House Liverpool St station 14 May 1988. Demolition for rebuiding has started.

#91 Broad St Station.3 June, 1981. This was taken from Bishops House which is now the Heron Point Tower.

#97 Broad St Station.3 June 1981

This was taken from Bishops House which is now the Heron Point Tower.

#98 Harwich House 14 May 1988

This shows the relationship between the Harwich House site & the Broadgate development

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