A Photographic Tour of Shoreditch, London in the 1980s by Peter Marshall

Shoreditch is a beautiful district and neighborhood located in the East End of London. It was once a part of Middlesex’s historic county, which transitioned into the County of London in 1889 and Greater London in 1965. Today, Shoreditch is one of London’s vibrant areas, with beautiful malls, bars, clubs, restaurants, street art, galleries, and other entertainment Venus. Most commercial areas lie closest to London and along the A10 Road, with the rest mostly residential.

Photographer Peter Marshall walked in Shoreditch street during the late-1980s, and he photographed everyday life. There were rows and rows of decaying, poorly-maintained Victorian houses, many of them empty. He also photographed Hull, Camden, and Deptford during the 1980s.

Written by Aung Budhh

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