Stunning Historical Photos of Franklin Park Zoo, Boston in the Early 20th Century

Franklin Park Zoo is a 72-acre zoo in Boston, Massachusetts. The zoo is located in Franklin Park, Boston’s largest park and the last of the Emerald Necklace parks of the city. Currently, it is operated by Zoo New England, which also operates the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, Massachusetts.

The zoo was opened to the public in 1912 and was run by the City of Boston until 1958 when the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) took control. MDC’s management led to the opening of several new exhibits, including Bird’s World (c. 1975), the Children’s Zoo (1984), and the African Tropical Forest (1989). In 1991, the zoo’s management was transferred to the Commonwealth Zoological Corporation (CZS), which also took over the Stone Zoo.

American photographer Leslie Ronald Jones took these stunning photos of animals at Franklin Park Zoo between the 1910s and 1930s

#37 Tony the elephant getting swept off by Dan Harkins in the elephant house

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