The Bizarre Beauty Contraption from 1936 that Promised Dimples

Back in 1936, Isabella Gilbert was determined to gift the world with an easy way to achieve dimples. She was known for her innovative beauty treatments and products. Dimples were considered a highly desirable physical trait, especially among women. Many Hollywood actresses and models of that era had dimples, which helped fuel the trend. It was not uncommon for women to try various methods to create dimples, including using makeup or even surgically creating them. Mrs. Gilbert’s ‘Dimple Maker’ was one of the more unusual inventions of that time, but it shows how much people valued having dimples.

The device itself was a simple, yet peculiar-looking piece of equipment. It was worn over the cheeks with two knobs pressing into the skin. The idea was that, with regular use, these knobs would create dimples. The advertisements for Isabella’s invention even claimed that consistent use would result in a “fine set of dimples”.

In addition to the ‘Dimple Maker,’ Isabella Gilbert also invented other beauty products, such as an eyebrow shaper, a nose shaper, and a beauty kit for travelers. Her beauty parlor in Rochester was very successful, and she was known for her expertise in beauty treatments such as hairdressing, facials, and makeup.

But not everyone was on board with the idea. The American Medical Association (AMA) quickly voiced their concerns about the Dimple Maker. They argued that the device wouldn’t actually create dimples or even enlarge existing ones. The AMA went as far as to warn that prolonged use of the device could potentially cause cancer. Yikes!

Despite the AMA’s warnings, Isabella managed to make a pretty penny from her Dimple Maker. She reportedly raked in up to $12,000 in profit from the sale of her invention. And, interestingly enough, Isabella also had other beauty products in her collection. She was quite the entrepreneur!

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