Bizarre Dayalets' Hellish Vitamin Mascots used to promote a Healthy Diet in the 1950s

There is nothing that prepares you for the Dayalets. According to the cover, they were vitamins, but they were so much more: they were vitamins that could be framed. They also showed glimpses of the hideous, ironic ramifications that await people with incorrect vitamin consumption habits. Remember, these are designed to hang in doctor’s offices and make patients want Dayalets.

In the 1950s, Abbott Labs used food, candy and cigarettes to create a series of horrifying advertising mascots. Ads were designed to hang in doctors’ offices and encourage patients to take Dayalets. Known as “the people’s medicine,” Dayalets were thought to correct the effects of meat-and-potatoes diets and heavy nicotine intake.

A few months later, Abbott Labs published color reproductions suitable for framing. The advertisements were presented in response to many requests from physicians since they first appeared in Abbott advertising.

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