Classic Actresses With Guns: 50+ Stunning Scenes From Classic Movies

The use of guns in Hollywood’s classic movies started even before the sound era. However, they were not properly handled, and the frames were not perfectly captured. The viewer must believe that the scene exists outside the shot of the cinematic frame to maintain the picture’s realism. The majority of shots in classic movies focus on gestures and facial expressions. The lack of realism was the core problem of classic movies, which was improved after the 1950s. Below, we have compiled a list of scenes from classic movies in which the actresses are holding and using guns – revolvers, pistols, Shotgun, Rifle, and many more.

#8 Yvonne de Carlo with Howard Duff in Calamity Jane and Sam Bass

#20 Virginia Grey with Lew Ayres and Rita Johnson in The Golden Fleecing’ (1940)

#24 Joan Shawlee with Huntz Hall in Bowery to Bagdad (1955)

#30 Beverly Garland with George Offerman Jr. in Gunslinger (1956)

#34 Patricia Laffan in Devil Girl From Mars (David MacDonald, 1954)

#36 Maureen O’Hara and Gloria Grahame in A Woman’s Secret (1949)

#42 Clara Bow with Richard Arlen in Ladies of the Mob (1928)

#43 Barbara Stanwyck with an expired Rod La Rocque in The Locked Door (1929)

#44 Margit Carlqvist with Jarl Kulle in Smiles of a Summer Night (1955)

#45 Margit Carlqvist in Smiles of a Summer Night (1955)

#49 Dorothy Hart in I Was A Communist For The FBI (1951)

#54 Marjorie Main Zasu Pitts and Aline MacMahon restrain Marjorie Main in a scene from the film Tish (1942)

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