Chinese Revolution Posters: These Propaganda Posters Encourage Patriotism And Hygiene From 60s and 70s

Chinese communist leader, Mao Zedong, started a campaign to diminish the influences of capitalism in Chinese economy and government. The campaign was called the Cultural Revolution. Mao appealed to Chinese youth to support his campaign. The Red Guards, who were radical students, welcomed the change and they marched on the streets against the old ideas and culture. They travelled the country destroying cultural heritage, targeting and beating teacher and intellectuals, who were obstacles to the revolution.

Art played a key role in the mobilization of masses of young people to enforce the cultural revolution. Vivid propaganda posters were printed and distributed in large quantities across the country to inspire youth and citizens to put forth their labor towards agriculture, industry and national defence, as well as concerns such as hygiene and family planning. Revolutionary and thought-provoking slogans and messages are often used alongside these propaganda posters. Many of the posters were painted by hand and then printed as lithographs, a process involving using stone, oil and chemicals to create prints.

Take a look at some of these posters below translated into English.

Written by Benjamin Grayson

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