Pin-Up Models Before And After Editing: The Real Women Behind Incredibly Beautiful Paintings

The term pin-up was first coined in 1941; however, the pinup art can be traced back to the 1890s. Pinups are photographs of women feature provocative, curvy, sexually appealing poses but modest at the same time and decidedly demure styles. These pictures are also sometimes known as cheesecake photos. World War II is widely considered the pinup heyday; pin-up models adorned the noses of bombers and the walls of soldiers’ barracks.

Pin-up photographs were made before digital photo editing, and it was the paint that made the models more appealing, as these erotic illustrations reveal. Anyone who’s familiar with pin-up paintings will know the caricature-esque works of Gil Elvgren. These before and after photographs feature an original photo of pin-up models and enhanced beauty after the artist rendering.

Written by Orla Morris

Full-time dress and costume designer, Half Persian half Italian. I still don’t know how to write, but i'm writing and you are reading :)

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