50+ Lofty Soviet Space Posters Made During The Space Race To Motivate People

In the 1950s and 60s, there was a race between the Soviet Union and America to explore space. They needed a lot of resources such as wealth and talent to turn this lofty dream into reality. They also needed to alter the public opinions, which could contribute a lot. So soviets made vivid and promising propaganda posters to motivate people. These posters were neither right nor wrong; they were rather deceptive and sky-high. Have a look at some of these lofty posters below, vote your favorites, and don’t forget to share.

#6 Glory to the workers of Soviet science and technology!

#11 In 20th century the rockets race to the stars, the trains are going to the lands of achievements!

#15 V. Ivanov. In the name of peace and progress 1965

#17 Gagarin, Titov, Nikolaev, Popovich – the mighty knights of our days

#21 M. Getman. We are creative and friendly and clever / We’re making space to be peaceful forever 1982.

#22 A. Yakushin. Space is going to serve people 1971.

#23 V. Viktorov. Sputnik of friendship and co-operation.1970

#24 G. Illarionov. Being long for the future is our life 1968.

#25 Y. Kershin and V. Trukhachev. Long live the USSR–the birth-place of Space exploration 1964.

#26 A. Vinokurov. The distance to even the furthest planet is not that long, folks 1963

#34 B. Berezovskii. Long live the son of the Communist party 1961.

#35 V. Viktorov. Long live the first astronaut Yu. A. Gagarin 1961.

#36 V. Volikov. Long live Soviet science. Long live the Soviet man–the first astronaut 1961

#39 V. Viktorov. Creative resources of Socialism are boundless 1959.

#40 V. Viktorov. The greatest victory of Soviet science and technology.1957.

#51 Soviet man – be proud, you opened the road to stars from Earth!

#53 Our triumph in space is the hymn to Soviet country!

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