Masonic Temple, New Orleans, 1910 (22/78)

Masonic Temple, New Orleans, 1910
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    • The Masonic Temple was replaced by a larger and more elaborate building in 1892, which was located on Common Street. However, the temple fell into disrepair and was eventually sold to a developer in the 1980s. Despite efforts by preservationists to save the building, it was demolished in 1989 to make way for a parking garage and office building. The Canal Terminal had become outdated and was no longer efficient for handling the increasing traffic. In 1963, the terminal was closed and eventually demolished to make way for a new bridge across the river.

  1. The Gayarre Place Monument was first made as a show piece (I believe it was for a terracotta manufacturer, but i may be misremembering) for the 1884 World’s Fair in Audubon Park and was donated to the city afterwards. It’s one if only a small handful of remnants from that fair