Fascinating Color Pictures Show Life In 1980s Belgium

In the 1980s Belgium was going through a transformation period. A coalition government was formed in 1981 by the Liberals and the Social Christians. The economy of the country was in bad shape, the Belgian franc was devalued, and the increase in the money supply was brought under control by cutting public services and by ending governmental subsidies to the old industries. Things began to change in the late 1980s, the Brussels-Capital Region was established, and the Belgian industry regained its competitiveness.

These fascinating color photos give a glimpse of life in 1980s Belgium.

#1 Gilles parade wearing their wax mask during the Binche carnival, Belgium, 1980s.

#3 Belgian sextuples celebrate their first birthday on July 17, 1984 in Belgium.

#8 Policemen riding on the horses in the Bois de Cambre in Brussels in August 1986.

#9 The Royal Galleries of Saint-Hubert in Brussels, August 1986.

#10 Palais des Beaux Art Museum, Magritte painting. Brussels, 1981

#11 Gare du Nord” train station district, Brussels, 1981

#14 “Foire Du Midi” annual fairground, Brussels, 1981

#18 “Bal du Rat mort” carnival at the casino. Annual event, on the beginning of the month of March, Town of Ostende, 1988

#29 Gare du Midi (Midi train station), Bruxelles, 1981

#31 Audience at the Masters at Rock festival in Torhout, Belgium, 1980.

#35 Pacifist demonstration to protest against the installation of missiles in Florennes on April 19, 1984, Belgium.

#36 Tourist boats on the Zwin river, Bruges, August, 1985.

#37 Six-fold children on the beach in Belgium, September 1985.

#38 Tina Turner performing in a concert in Brussels, Belgium, April 1985.

#39 John Paul II celebrates a Eucharistic celebration in Koekelberg, Belgium, May 1985.

#40 The aftermath of the crowd riots before the start of the European Cup Final between Juventus and Liverpool at the Heysel Stadium, Brussels, May 1985.

#42 Fountain in front of the Royal Park and the Parliament in Brussels, August 1986.

#43 In Vitro fertilization in a hospital in Belgium in January 1987.

#61 Near the town of Wavre, Province of Brabant, 1981

#62 Village in the Province of Brabant, Wallonia region, 1981

#63 Pilgrimmage of Saint “Evermare”, Village of Rutten, 1988

#64 Statue of NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, Town of Waterloo, 1981

#66 Commemoration of the Battle of Waterloo, Village in the Province of Brabant, 1981

#67 Town of La Louvière, Province of Hainaut, 1981. “Gilles” carnival.

#68 “Saint-Sang” Catholic procession. Annual religious event, during the month of May, Bruges, 1982

#69 Gilles Carnival at the Town of Binche, Province of Hainaut, 1981

#72 Bodies of dead spectators are lying next to the stands after the violent incident happened on May 29, 1985 before the European Champion Clubs final.

Bodies of dead spectators are lying next to the stands after the violent incident happened on May 29, 1985 before the European Champion Clubs final.

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