1960s Pakistan: Fascinating Historical Photos Offer A Glimpse Into Everyday Life

Pakistan is the fifth most populous and 33rd largest country located in South Asia. It has been historically and culturally associated with Iran, Afghanistan, India, and Turkey. It was founded in 1947 under the leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and it has been declared as the best Holiday destination for 2020. Pakistan is the land of breathtaking wonders, plains, lush green valleys, lakes, rivers, diverse wildlife, forests, mountain ranges, glaciers, deserts. It has all four seasons. Pakistan has the sixth-largest standing armed forces in the world and is also a nuclear power, as well as a declared nuclear-weapons state.

These striking color photos offer a glimpse of everyday life in 1960s Pakistan. It was the time of tremendous industrial and economic growth. Pakistan was seen as a model of economic development around the world. Many countries sought to emulate Pakistan’s economic planning strategy, including South Korea, which replicated the city of Karachi’s second “Five-Year Plan.”

#5 A weaver at a village sits in the shade, Chang Manga

#16 The leafy streets and houses for the wealthy, Peshawar, 1960s

#17 One of the large irrigation canals of the region, Sahiwal, 1960s

#20 The entrance to the Khyber Pass and North West Frontier tribal area

#21 An open sewer runs down the centre of this village street whilst the buffalo lies in the sun, Chang Manga

#28 Badshahi Mosque with the tomb of Ranjit Singh in the distance, Lahore, 1960s

#30 Prayer mats for sale near the golden mosque, Lahore, 1960s

#32 Restoration work at Nur Jahan’s tomb, Lahore, 1960s

#34 The blindfolded buffalo grinds mustard seed at Raiwind, Lahore, 1960s

#37 The Zamzama or Kim’s Gun made famous by Kipling’s novel Kim, , Lahore, 1960s

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