1950s Norway: Fascinating Vintage Photos Show Cities, Towns, Landscapes And Everyday Life

After World War II, Norway joined NATO and underwent a period of reconstruction under public planning. Construction of new railroads, hydroelectricity plants, aluminum works, and a steel mill helped the country to recover. Oslo hosted the 1952 Winter Olympics. Throughout the 1950s, fishing and agriculture became more mechanized, while agricultural subsidies rose to the third-highest in the world. The heavy industry grew rapidly and Norway became Europe’s largest exporter of aluminum.

Here below are some stunning pictures of Norway from the 1950s that show cities, towns, landscapes, streets, and everyday life of people from different parts of the country.

#4 Fishermen haul in nets in the Ouiske Fjord, Norway, 1958.

#5 Lille Ovre Gaten in the Old Town section of Bergen, Norway, 1951.

#7 A peasant family loading a cart with hay, near the Hardangerfjord in South Western Norway, 1951.

#8 Princess Astrid with her Young Friends, Oslo, 1951.

#12 Crowds gather outside the cathedral for the wedding of Norwayan Princess Ragnhild, 1953.

#13 The Fyksesund bridge, which spans a branch of the Hardanger Fjord, carrying the highway from Oslo to Bergen, 1955.

#17 Nutritious seaweed (or ‘lava’) bread developed by German scientist Heinrich Lienau being delivered from a bakers in Flensburg, Norway.

#18 A small hamlet is reflected in the limpid waters of a Norwegian fjord, 1959.

#22 Dovrefjell Mountains in Norway. On the way from Dombås to Hjerkinn

#25 A Norwegian lumberyard in the province of Sogn, 1950.

#27 Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl with a model of the balsa raft ‘Kon Tiki’, 1950.

#28 Lille Ovre Gaten in the Old Town section of Bergen, Norway, 1951.

#29 The giant ski-jump and large crowd at Holmenkolldagen, Oslo, Norway, 1950

#30 Employees of KPS and family members enjoying a game of bridge in one the recreation rooms at the factory where they work at Sarpsborg, 1951.

#32 Departure of The Norwegian Boat Hillvag from Rouen for Greenland, 1951

#33 Norwegian singer, dancer and actress Greta Gynt, 1951.

#34 Holidaymakers sip cocktails aboard the SS Chusan cruise liner off the coast of Norway, July 1951.

#35 In the Bislett stadium, during the 500 meters of speed skating, the American Ken Henry, behind him the Canadian Craig MacKay, in Oslo, Norway in February 1952.

#36 Horneby airport, servicing Norway’s capital city, Oslo, 1954.

#37 A Norwegian ‘stabbur’ or storehouse for the storage of farmer’s victuals, 1954.

#40 Electric and steam locomotives at Oslo, Norway, 1954.

#41 A fish market at the Inner Harbour at Bergen, 1955.

#42 An old Lapp Woman displays wares in Lyngseidet, Norway, 1955.

#43 A fresh catch of cod fish waiting to be cleaned in Hammerfest, Norway, 1955.

#45 Open apartment windows during summertime heat in Oslo, Norway, 1955.

#46 Fruit and Vegetable Market in Oslo, Norway, 1955.

#48 Queen Elizabeth during an official visit in Norway with King Haakon VII, 1955

#49 Crowds Gather for Louis Armstrong Show in Oslo, 1955.

#50 Main Street of this ressurected ghost town, cattle being driven through it, as in the olden days.

#52 A Rover 1906 car is about to take the start of the Veteran car race in Hamar, Norway, 1957.

#53 Shooting of the film “The Vikings”, Norway, July 1957.

#54 The funeral of King Haakon VII of Norway is Oslo, 1957

#55 At the funeral of King Haakon VII of Norway, 1957.

#57 Lilly, Carin and Gustaf viewing Kjølingefjell mountain in Norway

#63 Gustaf, Lilly and Carin viewing the harbour of Trondheim in Norway

#64 An old stabbur on a farm in the mountain regions of Rjukan in Norway, 1950.

#65 People looking at a whale caught in 1950 in Norway

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