1930s Birmingham: Fascinating Historical Photos Show Life In Old Birmingham

Birmingham is the second-largest city of England. In the 1930s the population of Birmingham was over one million and the city was thriving with rapid economic boom. The boundaries of Birmingham were extended in 1928 to include Perry Barr. In 1931 they were extended to include Castle Bromwich and Sheldon.

After the Great War, the city council decided to build modern housing across the city to rehouse families from inner city slums. By the end of 1930s, almost 50,000 council houses had been built across the city and over 65,000 houses were also built for owner occupiers. The Barber Institute of Fine Arts opened in 1932.

The following historical pictures capture Birmingham in the 1930s.

#1 Bassetts Pole at the crossroads of the A446 and A453

#2 Traffic at the junction of High Street and Rea Street, Deritend, May 1934.

#3 BSA Bicycle assembly line in Small Heath 30th April 1935.

#6 The final process in the hallmarking of gold in Birmingham’s Assay Office in Newhall Street, October 1931.

#7 Ladies with their young charges await the bus to take them on their holidays at Easter, 27th March 1932.

#8 A skilled leather cutter carries out the first stage of the manufacture of a handbag by cutting the leather to a template, 9th October 1931.

#9 A craftsman making a cricket bat in a Midland sports manufacturers factory, 1932.

#10 A signalman at work at Snow Hill railway station in Birmingham, June 1932.

#11 A break from work as Cadbury employees at Bournville rest up during the heatwave. West Midlands, Circa 1932.

#12 A woman worker operating one of the countless looms in the Axminster department, 18th April 1933.

#16 Part of silver plate of the silversmiths of the company Elkington for the ship Queen Mary, Birmingham, 1936.

#17 Messers Clapshaw and Cleave works, Coventry Road, Birmingham, 1934.

#18 Austin 10 cars on the final inspection and finishing tracks at the Longbridge works at Austin cars Longbridge, 1936

#19 The pit head at Hamstead Colliery, West Bromwich on the day the bodies of two miners killed by a fall of coal were recovered and brought to the surface, 1937.

#20 The ice cream man was a welcome sight to these takers at Warwick, 2nd August 1937.

#21 Spotlights and stage equipment on stage at the new Paramount Cinema as it nears completion, Paramount Cinema New Street Birmingham, 1937.

#22 Pit-head bathes at the Hamstead Colliery in Hamstead, South Staffordshire, 24th August 1937.

#23 King George VI. of England visit an air raid shelter at the British industrial exhibition in Birmingham, 1938.

#24 Sir Frederick Stamp, Chairman of the LM+S Railway shakes hands with Mr Fred Davis the Engine Driver of the last steam train journey from Birmingham Park, 1938.

#25 Locomotives and trains of the London Midland Service seen here at Birmingham, 1939.

#26 Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain Celebrating His 70th Birthday, in Birmingham, 1939.

#27 Miners at the Cannock Wood Pit handing in their Davy Lamps and lanterns at the end of their shift, 1939.

#28 Tennis rackets being strung at the Birmingham factory of Messers Clapshaw and Cleave Limited, 1939.

#29 England batsmen Jack Hobbs and Percy Chapman resuming their innings after lunch at the 1st Test Match against Australia at Trent Bridge, Birmingham, 1930.

#30 An unusual bike (recumbent bicycle) for 30 miles per hour,

#32 Mr Samuel Bloor water diviner of Okengates, 1938.

#33 Sweet delivery to The Central Stores in the centre of Barlestone, Barlestone Village, 1938.

#34 Vaino Myllyrinne the world’s tallest man who’s height is recorded at 8 feet 3 inches is seen here attending the wedding of Pat Collins in Birmingham, 1939.

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