1960s Birmingham: Cool Vintage Photos Show Streets, Markets, Landmarks and Daily Life

Birmingham grew rapidly in the 1960s. Many new roads, streets, landmarks, and buildings were constructed during that time. The Bullring Shopping Centre was built by replacing a historic market with a modern design. The Fewtrell brothers opened large nightclub venues one in Lower Severn Street, just up from the Hippodrome, and the other just off Broad Street. Service sector employment in Birmingham grew faster from 35% of the city’s workforce in 1951 to 45% in 1966. However, the manufacturing sector shrank by 10% between 1951 and 1961.

Here below are some stunning color snapshots that show what Birmingham looked like in the 1960s. Also check, Birmingham in the 1980s.

#1 Five ways looking along the Hagley Road from the top of a bus

#5 Birmingham Salvage 222, Somerville Rd. near it’s junction with Muntz Street

#6 Soho Road near Boulton Road, Handsworth, Birmingham – March 9 1968

#7 Gents toilet, Alcester Rd., Kings Heath, Birmingham

#8 Icknield Square corner shop was off Monument Rd., quite near Monument Lane station, this little shop and gas lamp was on one of the corners

#9 Leyland PD2 Park Royal stands at Hall Green terminus

#11 The demolition of Rosebery Street bus garage, Birmingham

#12 The Robin Hood Cinema on the corner of Stratford Rd. and Ingestre Rd., Hall Green, Birmingham

#13 The Scammell Scarab 3 ton 39bhp tractor.

The Scammell Scarab 3 ton 39bhp tractor.

In the left hand top can be seen the bridge over the middle of New St. station and the corner of Pinfold St. and Navigation St.

#14 The signpost on the corner of Vicarage Rd. and Alcester Road in Kings Heath, Birmingham

#17 Children outside Corner Shop. Thornhill Road / Holly Road Corner (Opposite Handsworth Park) – March 8 1968

#18 Gaumont cinema in Colmore Circus, Birmingham. 1965

#19 The Corporation Street looking north towards the Central Fire station (white building with clock tower), Birmingham

#20 Lamp situated on Birmingham Coventry Rd. (A45) by the Wheatsheaf Junction

#22 RCA 277, an early Bedford van conversion is serving customers on a hot day in Kings Norton Park, Birmingham

#25 A fabric body Austin Seven parked up in Fleet Street off Newhall street in Birmingham

#27 Cannon Hill Park, Tulip Festival time, Birmingham

#28 Edgbaston St, Edmund Bros Fruit and Veg Ltd, English and Imported Fruit, unloading Irish apples from Co Arnargh and Co Derry) A conveyor belt takes the fruit in to the store – Nov 28 1968

#30 Demolition of terrace houses, Anderton Street, off Shakespeare Road, Ladywood and children playing – 1968

#31 Handsworth – Thornhill Road also known as Holly Road Corner (Opposite Handsworth Park) – March 1968

#33 Upper Dean Street – Jamaica Row – Market Area, Randall Bros and Parsons Ltd Wholesale fruit and veg merchants – November 1968

#34 Sherlock Street nearr Jamaica Row (near meat market) Stokes and Dalton Ltd, Butchers and Sundries Supply Company – November 1968

#36 Newtown/Aston ‘adventure playground’ behind Gower Street and Guildford Street – November 1968

#37 Soho Road near Boulton Road, Handsworth – March 9 1968

#38 Soho Road near Boulton Road, Handsworth – March 9 1968

#41 Anderton Street, Alexandra Street and King Edward’s road corner, Ladywood – Feb 10 1968

#42 Soho Road, in the Holliday Road area. The yams are priced at 10 pence per pound. March 2 1968

#44 Harborne – Corner of Vivian Road. Greenfield Road to the right – August 17 1961

#47 Opening ceremony at the King’s Norton Mop Fair – October 1964

#50 View from Commercial Union House, the survey department overlooked Corporation Street opposite Rackhams shiny new shop

#51 View of Soho Hill taken from Hockley Brook in Birmingham

#52 Jamaica Row, Wholesale Fish Market (built as Smithfield) – Jamaica Row/Moat Row Corner – Nov 28 1968

#53 Balsall Heath Longmore Street (Children outside Eastside Vegetable Shop near Balsall Heath Road) – 25 September 1968

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