1890s Cornwall: Stunning Color Photos Capture Streets, Towns, Landscapes, Beaches And Everyday Life

Cornwall is a historic county of England. The history of Cornwall goes back to the Paleolithic; however, the continuous occupation started around 10,000 years ago. It has a population of just over half a million, along with 75,000 cows. In the 19th century, Cornish mining reached its zenith; they were at the forefront of the industrial revolution. By the middle and late 19th century, Cornish mining declined, and many Cornish miners emigrated to developing mining districts overseas. Now the economy of Cornwall is largely dependent on tourism. With a population of just half a million, Cornwall attracts over 5 million tourists in a year. These stunning color photographs show What Cornwall looked like in the late 19th century — capturing streets, towns, landscapes, beaches, and everyday life.

#7 View of coast from coast guard’s station, Boscastle, Cornwall

#8 Penally Hil and Mechard Island, Boscastle, Cornwall

#30 The Sands, Newquay now (Sands Resort Hotel & Spa)

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