Rare Historical Photos Show What Bristol looked like in the Late-19th Century

Bristol is a vibrant, historic, diverse and innovative city of England. It has been among the country’s largest and most economically and culturally significant towns for eight centuries. During the 19th century, Bristol was developed and proliferated. In 1801, the population of Bristol was around 68,00. It increased rapidly, and at the turn of the 20th century, it was about 330,000. The Bristol port continued to flourish, a floating or tideless harbor was built where the water was kept at a constant depth. Bristol was connected to London by rail in 1841. Bristol was also famous for its shipbuilding industry. The two famous ships, the ‘Great Western’ and ‘Great Britain’ were also built in Bristol.

In the late-19th century, the copper, brass and glass industries in Bristol went into decline. The tobacco, shipbuilding, and cotton industries thrived.

Here are some historical photos of Bristol from the late-19th century that offer a glimpse into everyday life.

#2 Bristol’s Cabot Tower nearing com­pletion in 1898

#5 A.C. Haskins baker and confectioner, North Street, Bedminster, Bristol, 1888

#8 Bristol Victorian organ grinder on street, ca. 1890s

#11 N.Taylor game and poultry dealer with all its fresh birds on display, Nicholas Street, 1899

#12 N.Taylor game and poultry dealer with all its fresh birds on display, Nicholas Street, 1899

#14 Carriages on the Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Light Railway, ca. 1890s

#15 First electric-cables being laid in Bristol’s High Street, 1893

#19 The Dutch House on the corner of Wine Street and High Street, Bristol, 1884

#20 The laying of electric-cables in Baldwin Street, Bristol, 1893

#22 The Rose and Crown at 38 Broadmead, Bristol, ca. 1890s

#25 Victorian steam traction, Redcliffe Hill, Bristol

#26 Victorian view of the charming Dial House, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol

#28 A loaded timber carriage pulled by three horses waiting to unload at Toogood’s timber yard, West Street, Bedminster, 1899

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