Young Johnny Cash: Life Story And Adorable Photos From His Early Life And Career

Johnny Cash is one of the most influential and beloved musicians of the 20th century. He wrote many iconic songs, acted in movies and wrote his biography and novel. Cash’s unusual approach to music caused him to delve into multiple genres, which landed him multiple inductions in the Country Music, Rock and Roll, and Gospel Music Halls of Fame.

Music Career

At the age of 22, Cash moved to Memphis, where he sold appliances while studying to be a radio announcer. He played guitar with renewed guitarist, such as, Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant at night in music concerts. Cash started his music career by singing Gospel songs. He made his first recordings ‘Hey Porter’ in 1955. He rose to fame with ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ which topped the country music charts. His “I Walk the Line” became number one on the country charts and entered the pop charts top 20. Cash’s live albums ‘Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison’ and ‘Johnny Cash at San Quentin’ reached number one on billboard country album music. In 1980, Cash became the Country Music Hall of Fame’s youngest living inductee. His music has sold more than 90 million copies worldwide.

Acting and TV Career

Johnny Cash also appeared in several movies and TV shows. His first appearance was in the popular TV Civil War drama The Rebel in 1959. Cash made his film debut with low-budget crime drama ‘Five Minutes to Live’. In the 70s and 80s, Cash appeared in many movies and guest star on TV shows like ‘Columbo’ and ‘Little House on the Prairie’.

Personal life

Johnny Cash was married twice, first to Vivian Liberto, the marriage lasted 10 years and ended with a divorce. After 3 years he married June Carter during his music tour and they remained married until June’s death in May 2003. Cash was addicted to drugs and drinking. He used the stimulants to stay awake during tours. Cash was also arrested seven times for various reasons such as a public drunkenness, reckless driving and drug possession.

Johnny Cash’s death

In 1997, Cash was diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease. The disease was originally misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s disease. The diagnosis was later again altered to autonomic neuropathy associated with diabetes. He was hospitalized in 1998 with severe pneumonia, which damaged his lungs. During the last stage of his career, Cash released two albums. He completed 60 songs in the last four months of his life. Cash was died on September 12, 2003, at the age of 71, from diabetes.

Here below are some adorable photos of Johnny Cash when he was young.

#2 Johnny Cash with Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley, 1956.

#8 Sam Phillips giving a framed record of the song “I Walk The Line” to Johnny Cash, 1956.

#10 johnny Cash with his wife Vivian Liberto and daughters, Rosanne Cash and Kathy Cash look on in 1957.

#14 Johnny Cash playing guitar for his wife, Vivian Liberto, 1957.

#16 Johnny Cash with Johnnie Wright and Jack Anglin, 1957.

#17 Johnny Cash with Photographer Marvin Koner in New York, 1957

#20 Johnny Cash signing a contract with Columbia Records lawyer Clive Davis in circa 1960.

#22 Johnny Cash during ‘The Dick Clark Beechunt Show’, 1959.

#23 Johnny Cash with Johnny Horton in the Kingsland post office, May 1959.

#24 Johnny Cash reclines on a couch while playing acoustic guitar in Nashville, 1960.

#26 Johnny Cash with the folk group “The Brothers Four”, 1963.

#27 Johnny Cash as Johnny Cabot with actress Cay Forrester, in the movie ‘Five minutes to Live’ in 1961.

#28 Johnny Cash in a scene for his movie debut in ‘Door-to-Door Maniac’, 1960.

#30 Mug Shot of Johnny Cash, He was arrested after U.S. Customs agents found hundreds of pep pills & tranquilizers in his luggage, 1961.

#33 Johnny Cash performs onstage with his backing band “The Tennessee Two”, 1956.

#34 Johnny Cash playing guitar at the Savoy Hotel in London, September 1959.

#36 Johnny Cash performs at the Newport Folk Festival in July 1964 in Newport.

#37 Johnny Cash on the set of ‘The Jimmy Dean Show’ 1964.

#38 Johnny Cash poses for a portrait on the set of ‘The Jimmy Dean Show’, 1964.

#39 Johnny Cash warms up backstage at the New York Folk Festival in July of 1965

#40 Johnny Cash with his wife June Carter Cash at London Airport, 1968.

#41 Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash perform onstage in Los Angeles, 1968.

#42 Johnny Cash with his wife June Carter Cash at Heathrow Airport, London.

#43 Johnny Cash with his wife June Carter in a London park during their visit to Britai, 1968.

#44 Johnny Cash with his wife June Carter in a London park during their visit to Britai.

#47 Johnny Cash with guitar by wheels of a steam train, 1969.

#49 Johnny Cash with his wife June Carter peforming on the stage, 1969.

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