Young Courtney Love: Life Story And Gorgeous Photos Of Queen Of Noise From Her Early Life

Courtney Love is a singer and actress best known for her rock band Hole. She has a troubled personal life starting from her childhood. She has made more headlines and controversies for her outrageous behavior than her talent. Courtney love became stripper at the age of 16.

Acting Career

Love began her professional career as an actress and she made her screen debut with ‘Sid and Nancy’ in 1986. She won a Golden Globe nomination for her role in the film ‘The People vs. Larry Flynt’ in 1996. In addition to movies Love also appeared in several TV shows. She also appeared in the big-screen biopic J.T. LeRoy (2018).

Singing Career

Courtney Love performed in a series of short-lived bands before forming her own band Hole in 1989. She also formed band Sugar Baby Doll with Kat Bjelland and developed her signature style of baby doll dresses, ripped stockings, and smeared makeup. Hole band quickly gained worldwide acclaim for its debut album, ‘Pretty on the Inside (1991)’. Love had begun to lose interest in Hole by 2001 and formed the short-lived all-female punk rock band Bastard. In 2004 Courtney Love began her solo career with the release of ‘America’s Sweetheart’. In 2009, Love re-formed Hole with an entirely new lineup, and released the band’s first album in ten years, titled “Nobody’s Daughter”.

Troubled Personal Life

Love married vocalist in 1989, however, the marriage lasted only for few months. In 1992, Love married Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain and the couple welcomed their first child, Daughter Frances Bean. She lost custody of her daughter several times because of her drug addiction. She was also admitted to several rehab and treatment programs but she frequently violated. After a lot of unsuccessful stints in and out of drug rehabilitation centers, Love was ordered by the L.A. county court to three months in lock down rehab. She released a scrapbook-like diary which she wrote during the rehab period, recounting her life titled “Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love”. She has worked with several different charitable organizations that specialize in helping victims of sexual abuse, AIDS research and domestic violence.

Here below are some fabulous pictures of young Courtney Love from her early life.

#10 Courtney Love with Jim Jarmusch at the Sid and Nancy film party at the Puck Building, 1986.

#15 Courtney Love in a Cream-Colored Dress with a Purple Belt

#25 Courtney Love, posing in a red top and denim shorts, circa 1994.

#26 Courtney Love with bassist Melissa Auf der Maur and Drew Barrymore, 1994.

#27 Courtney Love with Hank Harrison and Robin Barbu, 1981.

#29 Courtney Love with her 3-year-old-daughter Frances Bean Cobain

#32 Courtney Love, with Hole, Guru Gurmuck and Kaur Khalsa, 1990.

#40 Courtney Love enjoying a drink and smoking, 1993.

#42 Courtney Love with her husband Kurt Cobain, 1993.

#43 Courtney Love applies make-up in a mirror backstage before a concert at Rote Fabrik in Zurich, 1995.

#45 Courtney Love at The 12th Annual MTV Video Music Awards.

#46 Courtney Love backstage before a concert at Rote Fabrik, 1995.

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