Young Anthony Hopkins: Facts And Charming Photos From His Early Career

Anthony Hopkins is a multiple award-winning actor, director, and film producer, known for his cruel, insane, vicious, and quality roles. He was only on screen for 24.52 minutes in the movie ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, and he won an Academy Award for his performance. Hopkins prefers to memorize his lines, and sometimes he repeats them for hundred times until the tracks sound natural to him. In the movie Amistad, Hopkins shocked the cast and crew by completely memorizing a seven-page courtroom speech. Throughout his career, Anthony Hopkins has been nominated for 57 awards, with 47 wins.

Hopkins began his acting career at the age of eighteen when he joined a YMCA dramatic club. He also spent two years in the British Army with the Royal Artillery. Hopkins made his screen debut with the movie ‘The White Bus’ in 1967. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Hopkins continued to gain roles in films and theatre. He rose to fame with the role of Bruno Richard in ‘The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case,’ and his career began heating up. In 1991 he portrayed Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs and won the Academy Award for best actor. Hopkins worked in several super hit movies of his generation, and he is still working passionately to retain his position.

Anthony Hopkins married actress Petronella Barker in 1966, and the couple remained married for seven years. After divorcing Petronella, Hopkins married Jennifer Lynton for 29 years. In 2003, he married Stella Arroyave, and they are still married.

Here below are some fantastic photos of young Anthony Hopkins from his early career.

#1 Anthony Hopkins with actress Diana Riggin a production of Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Macbeth’, 1972

#4 Anthony Hopkins pictured with the ventriloquist dummy named Fats from the film Magic in London on 22nd January 1979

#6 Anthony Hopkins in the movie ‘The Girl From Petrovka’, 1974

#12 Anthony Hopkins as Hitler on the set of film Le Bunker, 1981

#13 Anthony Hopkins as Captain Bligh in the film ‘The Bounty’, 1984

#17 Anthony Hopkins from the movie ‘The Looking Glass War’, 1969

#18 Anthony Hopkins interviewed for the BBC television drama ‘Biography – Danton’, 1970

#19 Anthony Hopkins with his wife Jennifer Lynton at the premiere of the film ‘When Eight Bells Toll’, 1971

#20 Young Anthony Hopkins from the film, ‘Young Winston’ 1971

#22 Anthony Hopkins with his fiancee Jennifer Lynton, 1972

#23 Anthony Hopkins on the 70th birthday of Sir Ralph Richardson, 1972

#24 Anthony Hopkins at the Royal Albert Hall in London, 1973

#25 Anthony Hopkins from tv miniseries ‘QB VII’, 1973

#26 Anthony Hopkins as troubled magician in ‘Magic’, 1978

#27 Anthony Hopkins with Jenni at a party for the premiere of the movie “A Bridge Too Far”, 1977

#29 Anthony Hopkins with Dyan Cannon during 36th Annual Golden Globe Awards at Beverly Hilton Hotel, 1979

#30 Anthony Hopkins as Quasimodo in the film ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’, 1982

#33 Anthony Hopkins in TV series ‘A Married Man’, 1982

#34 Anthony Hopkins with Jane Alexander and Marsha Mason, 1984

#37 Anthony Hopkins from the film ‘Arch of Triumph in London ‘, 1984

#39 Anthony Hopkins with Actress Samantha Eggar, 1985

#42 Anthony Hopkins with actress Nathalie Delon on the set of ‘ When Eight Bells Tol’, 1969

Anthony Hopkins with actress Nathalie Delon on the set of ' When Eight Bells Tol', 1969

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