How Women Attempted to Lose Weight at a Dairy Farm in the 1930s

Dairy products are essential for building bones and maintaining healthy body weight. Dietary calcium helps in regulating metabolism and accelerating fat loss. However, overconsumption of dairy products can develop unwanted fat, excessive cholesterol, digestion issues, and several other diseases. The people who are lactose intolerant cannot digest the sugar (lactose) in milk. As a result, they face belly bloat, cramps, diarrhea, nausea, and excessive gas.

In recent years, dairy products have built a negative reputation as weight gainers. However, in the 1930s they were considered as an essential food item to reduce weight. Rose Dor Farm, located up the Hudson River from New York City, offered a ten-day training with a strict diet—three days of what today would be called juicing, followed by a week of cultured milk and vegetables—as well as gym classes. All of this costs $5.50 a day.

Written by Orla Morris

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