Stunning and Creative Self-Portraits by Vivian Maier that Redefine the Selfie

Vivian Maier was a nanny who walked the streets of Chicago and New York in the mid-20th century, taking photos. But her photos weren’t just of the people she passed by. She took tons of photos of herself too. These pictures, called self-portraits, weren’t just simple selfies. They were creative, sometimes mysterious, and they told us a lot about who she was.

Maier’s self-portraits were like little puzzles, each piece giving us a clue. Some showed her reflection in windows or mirrors, making us wonder what she was thinking. Other times, she’d only show part of herself, like her shadow or just an eye peeking out. It was like she was playing hide-and-seek with us, daring us to find her.

Maier loved to play with light and shadows. In one picture, she stands in the shade, but her face is lit up by the sun reflecting off a building. In another, she uses the flash from her camera to cast an eerie glow on her face. It was like she was a magician, using light to create her own kind of magic.

The Many Faces of Vivian

Maier wasn’t afraid to try different things. Sometimes she dressed up, wearing a hat or a fancy coat. Other times, she was more casual, just wearing her everyday clothes. It was like she was trying on different personalities, seeing which one fit best.

Even her expressions changed. Sometimes she looked serious and thoughtful, like she was pondering a deep question. Other times, she’d have a playful smirk, like she was in on a secret joke. It was like we were watching a movie, each picture a different scene from her life.

Maier didn’t just take photos of herself in one place. She took them everywhere she went. There were self-portraits in busy city streets, quiet parks, and even inside her own house. It was like she wanted to document her entire life, leaving behind a trail of clues for us to follow.

Some of her self-portraits were taken with a simple box camera, while others were taken with a more sophisticated Rolleiflex. It didn’t matter what kind of camera she used, she always found a way to make her photos interesting.

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