Capturing the Enigma: Veruschka through Franco Rubartelli’s Lens in the 1960s

The 1960s, often remembered for its counterculture, revolutionary fashion, and sweeping social changes, bore witness to the coming together of two iconic figures in the world of fashion: Veruschka, the German model with a distinctive allure, and Franco Rubartelli, the genius behind the camera lens.

The Muse and the Maestro: A Perfect Symphony

Veruschka, born Vera Gottliebe Anna Gräfin von Lehndorff-Steinort, wasn’t just a model; she was a phenomenon. Standing at an imposing 6’3″, she redefined the norms of beauty with her chiseled features, long limbs, and an aura that oscillated between vulnerability and fierce independence. But beyond her external allure, Veruschka carried a rich tapestry of experiences – from the traumas of WWII to her rise in the world of high fashion.

Franco Rubartelli wasn’t just any photographer; he had an innate ability to see beyond the apparent. His lens did not capture just images; it delved into the very soul of his subjects, telling stories more profound than words ever could.

Their collaboration in the 1960s was electric, yielding photographs that remain emblematic of the era’s spirit.

Ephemeral Moments, Timeless Snapshots

From the sun-drenched coasts of Italy to the bustling streets of New York, Rubartelli’s photographs of Veruschka are a sensory journey. Whether it was a candid capture of Veruschka lounging on a Riviera or an intricately choreographed shoot against abstract backdrops, the images were always more than just pictures; they were art.

One could argue that Rubartelli’s photos captured the very essence of the ’60s – free, untamed, and questioning the established norms. Veruschka, with her exotic beauty and Rubartelli with his evocative style, encapsulated the decade’s essence.

But to limit these photographs to mere fashion snapshots would be an injustice. They chronicled Veruschka’s journey – her transformations, her moods, her spirit. Rubartelli had the rare gift of capturing her in moments of introspection, making viewers feel as though they were privy to her innermost thoughts.

#3 Veruschka in Pucci-pattern body paint, Vogue, 1966

#4 Veruschka wears a sun-green solitaire necklace, Vogue, 1966

#5 Veruschka with 1966 makeup shades by Helena Rubinstein, Vogue, 1966

#6 Veruschka in a golden sunflower silk crêpe dress, Vogue, 1967

#7 Veruschka in a pink crêpe dress with a hooded collar, Vogue, 1967

#8 Veruschka in a sheer organza djellaba, Vogue, 1967

#9 Veruschka in woodcutter’s lederhosen, Tyrol, Austria, Vogue, 1967

#10 Veruschka wears a Tyrolean flower-adorned hat, Tyrol, Austria, Vogue, 1967

#11 Veruschka wears a gallant stitched wool hat, Vogue, 1967

#12 Veruschka with coral beads by Giovanni Apa, Vogue, 1967

#13 Veruschka wears her design of a gilt-plaited ribbon bodice, Vogue, 1967

#14 Veruschka with a Lucite ornament by Sant Angelo, Vogue, 1967

#16 Veruschka’s sun-disc hair by Ara Gallant, Vogue, 1967

#17 Veruschka’s hair elongated with an Egyptian god’s sidelock, Vogue, 1967

#18 Veruschka dances in Giorgio di Sant’ Angelo’s colors, Painted Desert, Arizona, Vogue, 1968

#19 Golden Veruschka in a Sant’ Angelo bikini, Vogue, 1968

#20 Veruschka’s curls by Veruschka, makeup by John Robert Powers, Vogue, 1968

#21 Veruschka carrying Giorgio di Sant’ Angelo’s embroidery, Painted Desert, Arizona, Vogue, 1968

#23 Veruschka in a Dalmation-spotted culotte-dress, Alpine Basin, Texas, Vogue, 1968

#24 Veruschka in a pinafore dress by Geoffrey Beene, Arizona, Vogue, 1968

#25 Veruschka in a blue denim suit by Bardley, Brazil, Vogue, 1968

#26 Veruschka in a floral print Ban-Lon dinner dress by Ken Scott, Vogue, 1968

#27 Veruschka in a white turtleneck and a brown dirndl skirt, Fort Davis, Texas, Vogue, 1968

#28 Veruschka in a two-piece dress by Donald Brooks, Sedona, Arizona, Vogue, 1968

#29 Veruschka in supple jersey with fur by Giorgio di Sant’ Angelo, Painted Desert, Arizona, Vogue, 1968

#30 Veruschka in a silk organza dress by Harold Levine, Vogue, 1968

#31 Veruschka in a Springmaid cotton blouse, Vogue, 1968

#33 Veruschka’s Dynel hair a-swirl by Sant’ Angelo, Vogue, 1968

#34 Veruschka in a ski-suit with fox-fur mittens, Vogue, 1969

#35 Veruschka in a lurex mini by Dorothée Bis, Columbia, Vogue, 1969

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